WellPro: Wellness Promotion Science Center, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University

Wellness promotion science is an academic field
involving research into theories and methods based in science,
for the maintenance and promotion of human wellness.

Advanced Skin Care Department

Research on Skin Health

1. Research objectives
Skin care has traditionally been considered as aesthetic behaviors. There is not yet any well-established evidence that preserving skin tissue viability promotes skin health.
Our objective is to manage skin frailty caused by age, lifestyle, and disease, using molecular cell biology, bio-functional imaging and bioengeneering, and health sciences to establish advanced skin care in order to directly help manage and cure skin frailty.

2. Research details and topics
Research topics:
1. Development of skin care for obese people
2. Development of skin care for skin frailty due to causes like chronic oedema
3. Development of non-invasive tissue viability measurement methods

3. Expected results
If advanced skin care can be developed based on molecular-level conditions, we will be able to maintain and promote skin health. Additionally, it may have a major impact on health care services, because skin care is a part of individual lifestyle.

Planned Department Structure

Skin Cell Biology Section

  • Assessment of skin health using cell biology and cure of skin frailty caused by disease.

Health Data Analysis Section

  • Development of non-invasive tissue viability measurement and analysis through medical engineering.

  • Development of a skin health knowledge based on semantic web technologies.

Development and Implementing advanced skin care technology Section

  • Assessment of skin care techniques for factors that can cause skin frailty, such as age, obesity, and chronic edema, and demonstration of the results of skin cell biology and skin health analysis research.

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