WellPro: Wellness Promotion Science Center, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University

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Wellness promotion science is an academic field
involving research into theories and methods based in science,
for the maintenance and promotion of human wellness.

Message from the Director of Center

The Wellness Promotion Science Center was established using the government’s Special Education and Research Funds scheme (joint partnership program). The aim of this center was to establish a new academic fields to improve health beyond the prevention of disease. For this purpose, we endeavored to form basement for the education and research in this field, support the health behavior of people, dissemination of health promotion technology and training of human resources, and contribution to the extension of the national health life.

Currently, the interdisciplinary study of the world's advanced on the promotion of health science, we will continue to actively implemented academic activities based on health promotion.

Tosiaki Miyati, Director of Center

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