WellPro: Wellness Promotion Science Center, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University

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Wellness promotion science is an academic field
involving research into theories and methods based in science,
for the maintenance and promotion of human wellness.


Advanced Skin Care Department


Akihiro Inazu, Professor
Key factor for health-wellness promotion would be prevention of lipid oxidation.Such a mechanism would be tested in various conditions associated with aging.

Kazuhiro Ogai, Associate Professor
My research has focused on how nerves regenerate. I use molecular biology to research skin health evaluation and recovery methods.

Masato Kobayashi, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
I engage in molecular imaging research to improve skin health and develop early diagnosis methods for skin inflamation and cancers.

Skincare Technology Assessment Section

Junko Sugama, Professor
My skin health research aims to form a base for advanced skin care.

Molecular Skin Science Section

Shigefumi Okamoto, Professor
The primary goal of my study is development of the evidence-based infection control and prevention methods against opportunistic infectious diseases.

Wellness Imaging Section

Tosiaki Miyati, Professor
I specialize in the development of faster, more accurate, and less invasive health-imaging methods.

Naoki Ohno, Assistant Professor
I research the development of noninvasive imaging techniques that provide detailed health information.

Societal Partnership Department

Katsuyuki Shibata, Professor
I’m continuing some earlier work, and I hope to put some new work into practice as well.

Shizuko Omote, Professor
Health is a resource, not a goal, for individuals’ lifestyles. I work to help the community maintain this resource.

Chie Takeda, Assistant Professor
I want to help the community live healthy, full lives through both physical and mental exercise.

Riho Nakajima, Assistant Professor
I hope to help the community stay active with occupational therapy.

Yui Kikuchi, Assistant Professor
I’m an occupational therapist working in the societal partnership section, and have an exercise class for the community to be healthy and happy. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the class.

Masaharu Awa, Researcher
I research how best to use health data in the community’s lifestyles and in local industry.

Miku Aoki (Nurse), Research Assistant
I work with the community and staff to promote healthy lifestyles.

Research Associates

Satoru Kato (Professor Emeritus, Kanazawa University)
I research nerve regeneration, with a focus on eyesight and retina health maintenance.

Suriadi (PhD Health Sciences)
Chief of devision of international affair the Muhammadiyah institute of nursing (Indonesia)

Advisory Board

Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorChristine MoffattProfessor, The University of Nottingham
Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorRyosuke SakaiProfessor, Head of Dietetics Department, Hokuriku Gakuin Junior College
Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorKazuhiro NakayamaProfessor, Nursing Informatics, St Luke’s International University
Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorTaisuke TogariProfessor, Faculty of Liberal Arts, The Open University of Japan
Visiting Associate Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorMasato TanakaPresident of SystemEdge, Inc. (Part-time lecturer at the University of Fukui and Gifu University)
Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorShigeru SanadaChair, Department of Clinical Engineering, Komatsu University
Visiting Professor/Research Associate/AdvisorRyohei AmanoProfessor Emeritus, Kanazawa University
AdvisorShigeo TakadaHospital Director, Kanazawa Municipal Hospital
AdvisorShinobu TanakaProfessor, Faculty of Frontier Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University
AdvisorTakashi YonedaProfessor, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science, Kanazawa University

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